12 Dec 2016

Many proud people at T-Day in Antwerp

Submitted by tbw

On 5 November the TBW was a guest during the festive T-Day in Antwerp. We gave the workshop "Proud of who you are." The participants were enthusiastic, and were talking open with each other about personal issues. The physical part of the workshop was well received: after talking all day this was a welcome change!

At the subscription the workshop was fully booked. On the day itself some people decided to attend another workshop, but also some other people decided to do our workshop, so we ended with the maximum number of 26 participants after all.

This TBW workshop we did what we have done more often this year: first we talked about some statements, then we did a more physical part with a brief guided meditation, and we ended with more discussion on relevant issues, while we invited participants to take off some clothing.
It still is impressive that we can generate so much confidence in the relatively short time period of a workshop, that participants feel safe enough to take off clothes indeed. We think it's a great compliment!

The group was very diverse: trans men, trans women, non-binary people and interested cis people. This composition made the discussions even more interesting, because the answers were so diverse. What led to some laughter, was that sometimes the answers of participants were totally different, but the reasoning behind the answer turned out to be exactly the same.

The reactions to our workshop were definitely positive. The organisation said: "... received an enormous amount of good reactions, it really pleased the participants. Also in the workshop tips for next year your workshop was mentioned 2x in the forms." The evaluation showed a rating of 4.4 (out of 5) for elaboration and presentation, a 4.3 for instructive and relevant, and a 4.2 for recommending. We are very happy with these!

Interestingly, the T-Day was a lot more non-binair than we are used to in the Netherlands. It turned out that the organisation had flyered about T-Day in non-binary groups very actively. Clearly with results. In any case, to us it was an interesting difference, that we will take into our our preparations from now on.

Many proud people at T-Day in Antwerp

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