14 Jan 2016

Many proud people at Blent Trans Festival

Submitted by tbw

The TBW has given a workshop at Blent Trans Festival on 9 January. The theme of the workshop was "I am myself!". We talked about things we are proud of, and we get strength from. Very soon it became clear that many proud and powerful people were present!

The workshop "I am myself!" was very well attended: at least 39 people were expectantly waiting for things to happen. That exceeded the actual maximum of 30 participants more than a bit. It was a nice compliment that so many people were interested!

During the workshop we talked with each other about the things we are proud of and about the things we get strength from. Where do we get our strength from in more difficult times? All the responses showed that many of us are very proud and powerful people.

After that we have talked about the difficult problem of people still using the wrong pronoun, even after a longer time. "He" instead of "she", or "she" instead of "he". (Once again) a shortage in our language became clear: some people feel the need of a gender neutral word, but Dutch doesn't have one. One can write "zhij", but we can not pronounce it properly. "Vij" is a good alternative, but is not (yet) really established...

Finally, we did a physical exercise: to relax, to watch your breathing and to make good contact with the ground.

The three quarters of an hour flew by, even though we did lots. Afterwards everyone went to the next event, prouder and stronger than ever.

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